MacPherson project

The idea to improve road safety for cyclists and pedestrians in Circuit Road area was triggered by an accident at the Balam Road/ Circuit Road junction where an 11 years old boy was hit by a lorry. The boy was cycling back home after buying a pack of noddle from a nearby shop. When I shared the idea with Adib of Fivefootway, the organizer of ArchitFest, he immediately saw the significant of the project. He gathered the support of his friends, Jan and Mizarh of ParticipateInDesign, who has been doing works with the MacPherson community for the passed two years. Through Jan and Mizarh, we got in touch with Ms Choy, the Constituency Director of MacPherson CC, and she too kindly offer her support. Since then through the organization of Fivefootway and the support of Singapore Institute of Architect, we got more and more people to help, including John Ralm, the key facilitator of two workshops to explore the issues and possible solutions to improve the safety for pedestrians and cyclists in the area. William from LTA participate in the first workshop and he share useful insights regarding use of bicycle on roads and pavements.

The project is ongoing and update will be provide when it is appropriate.

The accident
11 years old boy was hit by a lorry at Circuit Rd/ Balam Rd junction

Straits Times 2012-09-19

Jesse and Francis visited the accident site and talked to some residents

Reconstruction of the accident (estimated)

Survey and measurement

Circuit Road map

Lane width near to accident site

Meeting at MacPherson

John, Jan and Ms Choy

Adib talking to the team

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