Cycling Tag to increase your visibility and safety on road

Experienced cyclists know good visibility is a major factor contribute to the safety of cycling on the road with moving cars. Drivers need time to response.
If a driver can spot a cyclist from far away, he has more time to react to avoid hitting the cyclist. My focus is visibility during day time cycling. I want to create a design that is simple and easy to carry around and does not limit the clothing choice of the rider.
This page track the different versions being explored. The latest versions are listed on top and eventually will publish the design here.

Version 7: Blincclip – blinking super bright reflector

– September 2019, collaboration with David Jonathan (Product Design graduate from NAFA, Singapore). After a lot of try and error, testing different combination of weight, sizes and the hang, we managed to develop the first Blinking reflector. More details at the or go straight to Blincclip Kickstarter page. 

Version 5: Flying color 2.0 – SafeCycling Flag
– Created on December 02, 2011
The saddle flag approach (Version 4) turns out to be the one I use a lot because it is a care-free solution. It is easy to install. Once it is attached to the saddle I can basically forget about it. Every time I take my bicycle out for a spin, I know that there is a high-vis flag helping the driver to see me from far.
I receive some 3M reflective material from a fellow LCSG member Gabrial. With his donation I move on to a new, better design. See the picture here:
"Flying color", Safe Cycling Tag in day time

As can be seen from the photos at night, the Flying Color 2.0 is much more visible than the thin reflective strip (red color) below it. The fact that it flaps in the wind also add to the attention grabbing effect. This design will be introduced to the riders on Dec. 11 during the launch of Passion Cycling Club by Geylang Serai CC. LovecyclingSG will be supporting there.

Version 4 – Saddle Flag
– Test ride on July 1st, 2011
This version will be road test in the first 128km round Singapore ride tomorrow.

– tested on June 26, 2011

Flying Color Safety flag for bicycle

Version 3 – Flying Cone
The Flying Cone works fine when the wing speed is around 20km/h. At lower speed it doesn’t “fly” and the visual impact is not as big as the other concepts.

Version 2 – Wing
The simple piece of colorful flag is very easy to make and also easy to carry. But sometime it will shift around and become a distraction to riding.

A small bright color cloth attached to the rider to increase his visibility and safety

A small bright color cloth attached to the rider to increase his visibility and safety

Version 1 – Big Flag
This ridiculous large flag is very visible on the road. For low speed riding the air-drag is not an issue. But it is not very practical when the cyclist need to push the bike on narrow pavement.

Big flag supported by a bamboo stick

Entry for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition 2010

Safety wing for cyclist

Download link

This project started as a fun exercise for the Seoul Cycle Design Competition in 2010. The design intention is to improve the safety of cyclists by increasing their visibility on the road. How does visibility improve safety? According to WHO, in highly-motorized countries, inadequate visibility plays an important role in three types of crash:
— at night, vehicles that run into the rear or sides of slowly moving or stationary vehicles;
— during the day, angled or head-on collisions;
— at all times, rear-end collisions that occur in poor weather conditions.
In low-income and middle-income countries, the poor visibility of pedestrians and vehicles is a serious problem.

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