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Slow cycling training – a critical skill for safe cycling on foot paths

2017 LCSG bike handling and servicing workshop at East Coast Park

2017 LCSG bike handling and servicing workshop at East Coast Park

“How to cycle safely on foot path?”

This one of the most frequent asked question from new riders joining our Sunday rides. To be frank, no one want to hurt others but due to the inability to control their bike, new riders fear they may hurt others unintentionally. Observation over the years, I come to the conclusion that bike handling at slow speed is the key skill that every cyclist should acquire before they venture into footpath and sharing the space with pedestrians. I believe most accidents involve cyclists on foot path is due to the inability of controlling the bike at slow speed, or lack of awareness of blindspots. Such cyclists need to ride at speed in order to keep their balance, even when they approach pedestrians or blindspots.

Slow cycling skill is not rocket science and can be learn fairly easily. It can be a fun personal challenge to see “how slow you can ride”.

Last week, with the support of NPark and OCBC, Lovecycling SG organised a “Slow bike handling skill workshop” at the Road safety park at the East Coast Park. Encik George Lim, the master trainer, guide the participants through a number of small challenges; started from stopping your bike, riding along a straight line, S-course and Zigzag course to riding the 888 challenge.

At the end of the training, to test if everyone is ready to share paths with pedestrian, we throw in an “acid test” –  simulation of a kid running randomly in the group of slow riding cyclists and see if everyone can avoid any accident. Sounds dangerous? Not really.

See for yourself here:

If you are interested in the step by step approach, here is a three minutes video summary:

More details of the entire workshop which include a bike servicing part can be found on Taiwoon’s blog.



Bike skill workshop at Bedok Advanture Park

“Bike Skill workshop is to prepare you to be a safe rider on pavement.” We all want to cycle on the road as well as PCNs safely to go where we need to go. However due to lack of consideration for cyclist safety, some roads are very dangerous and it is understandable many people riding on pavements all over Singapore. However that create another safety concern for pedestrians. In order to share the pavement safely with pedestrians, a cyclist must be able to slow down to walking speed and give way to pedestrians. Thanks to Encik George Lim, Taiwoon and LCSG Angels for this fun and practical bike skill workshop.

Here is a well written summary by Eugene Tan:
“Thank you so much LCSG and the bicycle Angels for putting together the well structured basic bike skills workshop.
The morning started with a self-test guided bike course for participants to gauge their riding skills. Through a series of guided workshop modules, participants were cycled through the skill sets: balancing, braking, negotiating slaloms, left / right turns,, basic hand signals for cycling, turning safely to look behind, evasive action, proper bike fit, etc.
Even more experienced riders will certainly benefit from this bike skills refresher course, especially through the passion, enthusiasm and humour of the course planners, instructors and assistants. I know I did.
A self-ride-through evaluation was done over a riding course at the end of the training for participants to verify the benefits of the workshop. Many will tell you that they have definitely gained more confidence to negotiate the footpaths and pcns.
This joint community project was made possible in collaboration with Bedok CC. The good folks at the CC provided the Bedok Adventure Park facilities gratis for the programme venue. Bedok community residents also took time on their Sunday morning to participate and join LCSG members to improve their basic riding skills.
Kudos to the organisers and Bedok CC. Cheers”

Encik George Lim briefing for Bike skill training

Master coach Steven Lim giving trick instruction

Photo set at flickr:

Read more at SmallWheelsBigSmile

How to learn cycling in 30 minutes

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If you can walk, you can cycle. See how my niece learn cycling in 30 minutes. This is only the second time she try to learn cycling. There is no painful fall, no need for tiring push or hand holding. The only thing needed is the determination to learn.

The trick is simple, just lower the saddle until both feet can touch the ground, remove the pedal and start ‘walking’ on your bike. Do you know this is actually the original form of bicycle when it was invented in 1818 by a German, Baron Karl von Draise . He wanted to replace horse with his running machine.

The first critical skill you need to learn is to balance the bicycle by the steering of the handle bar. This must be done when the bicycle is in motion. By having both feet on the ground you are sure there is no horrible fall. As you start larning how to ‘walk’ on the bike you also start learning how to balance the bicycle with the steering bar. Once you can manage keeping the bicycle rolling without having both feet touch the ground for at least 2 second, you are ready to move on to the next stage.

learn cycling in 30 minutes 1/3

The 2nd stage is to learn how to propell the bicycle using the pedals. Now install both pedals onto the bike. Still keeping the saddle low which allows both feet on the ground. Start by pushing one foot against the ground and push the bicycle forward. Once the bicyle is moving try to put both feets on the pedals and start pedalling. Initially the force of the pedaling may affect the balance of the bike. You will learn how to keep the balance while pedalling as you do it more. Just like the video here.

15 minutes later..
learn cycling in 30 minutes 2/3

Little by little, in less than 30 minutes, you will discover you can cycle! Just by doing it more, you will notice you can keep the bicycle balanced without removing your feet from the pedal for a longer time (e.g. 5 seconds). Keep going! very soon you will be able to cycle continuosly.

Finally, don’t forget to learn how to stop the bicycle by the hand break. Now you have confident and the skill, you can rasie the saddle a bit, that will make the peddaling a lot easier.

25 minutes later..
learn cycling in 30 minutes 3/3