The Impact of Broken Sidewalks on Cycling

The Impact of Broken Sidewalks on Cycling: A Case Study

Cycling on broken sidewalks can be a frustrating and challenging experience, highlighting the importance of continuous pathways. In a revealing six-minute journey, a little girl and her guardian navigated 26 breaking points along a mere 550-meter stretch. The frequent and steep gradients at these breaking points often forced the girl to dismount and push her bicycle, reducing her speed to about 5 km per hour—roughly the pace of walking. If the sidewalk were continuous, they could easily double their speed.

Check out the challenging moments in this video: Watch Here.

challenging moments from the video

Broken Sidewalks: A Common Issue in Singapore

In Singapore, broken sidewalks are a common sight, yet many people are unaware of the concept of a “continuous sidewalk.” Surprisingly, there is a rare example of a continuous sidewalk in Singapore. Inspired by a post by Vareck Ng on Facebook, I visited Emerald Hill Road to capture some pictures and a short video, showcasing what a difference a continuous sidewalk can make for cyclists and pedestrians alike.

Through these visuals and personal experiences, we can better understand the importance of well-maintained, uninterrupted sidewalks in promoting safe and efficient cycling.

Continuous sidewalk at Emerald Hill road

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