Great minds think the same

Blincclip vs Flectr Clip

In the creative industry, it is not uncommon to find examples of “Great minds think the same”. Our recent project Blincclip reflector and the Flectr Clip reflector can be one of such example.

Many veterans of LoveCyclingSG would remember the “Safety Flag” project back in 2011. It was an attempt to create something that will increase the visibility of cyclists on roads. High visibility allows motorists to spot a cyclist from far and gives times for adjustment and avoidant action.

I reported about the reflective flag at that time:
“The fact that it flaps in the wind also add to the attention-grabbing effect.”

When I chat about the “Safety flat” project with David Jonathan, a recent Product Design graduate from NAFA (Singapore), he was intrigued and want to work together to turn it into a commercial product. That’s how Blinnclip, the first blinking reflector was born.

We worked with the cycling community when we produced our test version. The result was encouraging and we decided to move on to launch the project on Kickstarter. We scheduled and communicated the project to be launched on the 13th of November, 2019, but due to some delay, we shifted to one day later. To our surprises, another Kickstarter project call Flectr Clip, very similar to Blincclip was launched on the same day (Nov. 13th). So we are effectively one day later. That caused some backers to question the originality of Blincclip.

I would like to make clear here that we developed the idea independently. Anyone familiar with product development would understand it is impossible to copy and launch a product within one day.
Furthermore, Blincclip was published first internationally on 2019-11-02 by Bicycle Design and further picked up by a major magazine Cycling Tips on 2019-11-04. A simple Google of “Blincclip” and “Flectr Clip” will demonstrate Blincclip appeared earlier in public domain.

Here are the links to both projects on Kickstarter:
Blincclip : The first blinking super-bright reflector
FLECTR CLIP | Your ultimate protector in the darkness