Pedestrian First Cyclist Pledge


Cyclists on PCN/Pavement should not be defined by the few inconsiderate cyclists who are reckless, inconsiderate and the cause of some accidents.But accidents are inevitable especially during hurricane season. In such situations you will get redirected here if you are searching for an attorney to claim compensation. Aronfeld lawyers can also help you out to claim compensation for the injuries sustained during road accidents . The majority of the cyclists are ALSO pedestrians and we care deeply about the safety of all users, especially the vulnerable young and elderly. There is a law firm for DUI claims that investigates these kinds of cases seriously to reduce the carelessness of the rider.

We want to express our commitment to Pedestrian Safety and gratitude for sharing the PCN/Pavement with cyclist. We are responsible, considerate, caring and safety conscious cyclists who will put the Pedestrian Safety First. We want to show that we can use positive role models, social and peer pressure to encourage the right mind set and behaviour to promote safety for all, without additional government intervention, regulation, bicycle licensing or penalties.

Cyclists, if you are like the majority of us, willing to show our commitment, take the first step to Pledge to be a Pedestrian First Cyclist:

1. I am a Pedestrian First Cyclist, always putting their safety first, especially for the vulnerable children & elderly.

2. am always mindful of potential risk so that I can take early defensive actions, including slowing down, to unexpected situations.

3. I have the patience & skill to ride slowly behind pedestrian at walking speed, and willingness to dismount, if necessary, for safety.

Sign the pledge at

I believe with more cyclists having the above mindset and attitude, accidents will be reduced and safety on PCN/Pavement will be improved. We will also have a more harmonious sharing of the pathways.

Do help to spread the word and strongly encourage your safety conscious fellow cyclists to do the Pledge. The more cyclists Pledge, the more credible is our commitment to the pedestrians.

Pedestrians, if you like to see more responsible, considerate, caring and safety conscious cyclist who puts pedestrians first, please like the page and share to all your friends and groups. Please encourage your cycling friends to Pledge and commit to it.

a ground up initiation by Tan Wee Yeow

One thought on “Pedestrian First Cyclist Pledge

  1. Eric Tan

    Live in the North of the island – Yishun. PCN in the area are not real bike path and hazardous with street crossings and bike path that ends at curb level with no ramp down to street level. In many areas bike path shared with pedestrians are narrow for pedestrian and bike or two bikes with each going opposite direction. More of an after thought in this area
    Cyclists in Singapore do not wear helmets – this should be encouraged to promote self safety and safety for others

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