Bicycle friendly city, lesson from Japan (1)

I’ve not heard of any big campaign from Japanese government to promote cycling, but I was amazed to see many people on bicycle during my recent trip to Tokyo. I know bicycle use is common there but didn’t thought that it is so popular. Out of thousands “cyclists” I only spotted a handful who dress up in lycra with helmet, the rest all looks like normal people. Once they park their bicycle and walk away, they look just like any pedestrians. Office workers, students, mums with kids and elderly. They don’t seem to dress in bright colors to increase their visibility for safety, no helmet, no lycra. Many do have a basket or two mounted on their bikes. Bicycle parks (official and unofficial) are everywhere!

I will be jotting down my observation from this Tokyo trip bit by bit. Here is a quick impression of the women bicycle users I’ve seen. They cycle practically everywhere, on road, on footpath. Some even with kids in front and back! Women cyclist is known to be a good indicator of bicycle friendliness – more women cyclist means that the area is safer for cycling in general


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2 thoughts on “Bicycle friendly city, lesson from Japan (1)

  1. Alvin Lee

    I was in Japan recently and went away impressed at the bike culture. Japanese sure know and are practicing green mobility as part and parcel of every day life. Kudos to them.

    1. Francis Post author

      Thanks for your comment Al. I notice the Japanese didn’t make it a big issue to promote cycling. They just keep the tradition of cycling and find way to keep it easy for anyone who want to use a bicycle as transport. I will be sharing more on this in another post.

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