Bike skill workshop at Bedok Advanture Park

“Bike Skill workshop is to prepare you to be a safe rider on pavement.” We all want to cycle on the road as well as PCNs safely to go where we need to go. However due to lack of consideration for cyclist safety, some roads are very dangerous and it is understandable many people riding on pavements all over Singapore. However that create another safety concern for pedestrians. In order to share the pavement safely with pedestrians, a cyclist must be able to slow down to walking speed and give way to pedestrians. Thanks to Encik George Lim, Taiwoon and LCSG Angels for this fun and practical bike skill workshop.

Here is a well written summary by Eugene Tan:
“Thank you so much LCSG and the bicycle Angels for putting together the well structured basic bike skills workshop.
The morning started with a self-test guided bike course for participants to gauge their riding skills. Through a series of guided workshop modules, participants were cycled through the skill sets: balancing, braking, negotiating slaloms, left / right turns,, basic hand signals for cycling, turning safely to look behind, evasive action, proper bike fit, etc.
Even more experienced riders will certainly benefit from this bike skills refresher course, especially through the passion, enthusiasm and humour of the course planners, instructors and assistants. I know I did.
A self-ride-through evaluation was done over a riding course at the end of the training for participants to verify the benefits of the workshop. Many will tell you that they have definitely gained more confidence to negotiate the footpaths and pcns.
This joint community project was made possible in collaboration with Bedok CC. The good folks at the CC provided the Bedok Adventure Park facilities gratis for the programme venue. Bedok community residents also took time on their Sunday morning to participate and join LCSG members to improve their basic riding skills.
Kudos to the organisers and Bedok CC. Cheers”

Encik George Lim briefing for Bike skill training

Master coach Steven Lim giving trick instruction

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