Why I left Safe Cycling Task Force?

In 2012 Safe Cycling Task Force has five remaining members from previous years:

The president Steven Lim, Vice president Cor-Henk, Chenmun Chen, Adrian Mok and I.

I am both sad and relief to announce that I am resigning from Safe Cycling Task Force (SCTF).

I feel sad to leave the group because I’ve been with this group to promote safety for cycling since 2005. I have been joining all the society meeting, making minutes, managing this site, and even designed the logo for SCTF.

I feel relieved as we all believe this is the best way to get things moving for both SCTF and I. We can spend less energy to debate and resolve different approaches internally and focus our limited resources to area that can make a real impact.

We are all contributing to SCTF as volunteer. I think each of us want to see the best from the team work.

In 2010, I started LoveCyclingSG with Taiwoon and we both discovered openness empower people to contribute. Within LCSG we have high trust with each other and encourage people to run their projects. The energy is amazing and we got so much done without any external support, and we grow from 5 to 2700 within 2 years. I tried to encourage Steven and SCTF team to adopt a more open approach, let more people in, let them help us to shape SCTF. I believe this is the way forward and will help to bring SCTF to the next phase. But judging from the meetings and conversation since September 2012, I get a feeling that the SCTF team was reluctant to open itself. I am not satisfy to follow similar way as we’ve been for 7 years, and the rest of SCTF didn’t see the point for change. I felt there is no point wasting more time in this unproductive discussion. Since I’m the odd one out, the best way is to leave the group and free both sides to continue with their preferred way of working.

Francis Chu (aka Chu Wa) October 9th, 2012

8 thoughts on “Why I left Safe Cycling Task Force?

  1. Patrick Ng

    Tai Khor, u meant “keep the WHEELS rolling”? Lol.

    Salute, Francis. The fruits of you guys labor of love are evident in themselves.

    To greater awareness and safer miles!

  2. Patrick Ng

    The best solutions to issues in society usually come from the ground. And those solutions are usually more lasting because people take ownership. You are wise to keep things open.

  3. Kelvin

    I am one of those who tried to volunteer my time to help promote safe cycling. As an educator and bike commuter, I thought that I marry both passions and help the Task Force in their public education talks. I basically gave up after seeing the main person preferring to do One-Man-Operated (OMO) sessions instead.

    All these sessions were posted on Facebook…. all OMO I believed. I thought the outreach might be enlarged if SCTF decentralised and appoint more ambassadors to speak for the Cause.

    Why take the burden upon yourself? Like many LCSG brethren, I don’t expect any honorarium or even transport reimbursements.
    Just wanna contribute but…..

    1. Taiwoon

      Thanks Kevin, I think ur heart is in the right place. We will keep plugging away. See u on a sunday ride sometime

  4. Francis Post author

    Thanks for the comments, Taiwoon, Patrick and Kelvin. Kevin’s case is not uncommon. I have no idea why the “president” want to keep doing the “safecycling clinic” himself. I agree it would be much more powerful to let more people to take the ownership and spread the words.

  5. Kevin

    I had the opportunity to meet the President of SCTF whilst volunteering as safety rider for recent Yes 933FM cycling event.
    Without saying too much, I can understand your reason for leaving SCTF.
    Please keep up the great work with LCSG! 🙂

  6. John

    I had the opportunity to meet the President of SCTF whilst volunteering as safety rider for Ride to Sunrise cycling recce last night.
    Fully agreed with Kevin and can understand your reason for leaving SCTF.
    Please keep up the great work with LCSG! 🙂

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