Parliament debate 9 questions filed for cycling related issues

The parliament debate on coming Monday will be closely watched by people who care about the development of road safety facilities for cyclists. There are 9 cycling related questions filed from different MPs, including Ms. Irene Ng (Tampines) and Dr Janil Puthucheary (Pasir Ris-Punggol). I really hope the government will not use the same blanket statement (in land scarce Singapore..) to brush off the questions. We did some road measurement and discovered, there are more than a few roads have excessive road space enough to cater for safer cycling space, by shifting the double yellow line a little bit away from the curb. This will help to moderate the car speed and improve the safety of all road users in residential area.

In fact, if space limitation is the real reason, it should be more logical to encourage cycling and discourage driving, since car is by far more space hungry than bicycle.

One thought on “Parliament debate 9 questions filed for cycling related issues

  1. tk

    and that’s exactly what they did. “land scarce singapore”… hahaha

    wonder where they got the stat that 50% of accidents are the cyclists’ fault? will they release the traffic accident reports to verify?

    seems a very high number when other cities find between 75-90% of accidents are the motorists’ fault.

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