1st LovecyclingSG anniversary get together

Poster by Boo

“Hey you want to try a new restaurant in Sengkeng? I heard the food there is good.” That’s how Sharon “cheated” me to the venue of the 1st LCSG anniversary gathering place. We took MRT and then changed to LRT. Sitting in the LRT felt a bit like the monorail in Santosa, just the scenery is different (but equally interesting). After we get off from Riviera station I was told that the restaurant is at block 161. I use my iPhone to find the direction. It’s all residential blocks in the area, there is hardly anything looks like a restaurant. Block 161 seems to be a mystery, we saw block 160, 164 and even 162, but 161 just nowhere to be found!

Suddenly I saw a bunch of familiar faces – folks from LCSG! Boo, TahChing, Clarence, Zack, Kimi, David… all smiling and chatting. It looks like they were having a great party here! “What a coincident…” I thought.. Before I could made sense of the situation.. “Haha! You found it!” said Boo and Clarence. I was totally blur and have no idea what is going on. Taiwoon gave me a sympathetic look which said: “ya, me too!”

Wow, this is the first anniversary of LovecyclingSG! Thanks you lovely guys and gals. I was speechless. Apparently the “core team” has been working on this special day for nearly a month, everyone in LCSG knew about it except Tai Woon and I. LovecyclingSG, ROCK!

Photos by Tah Ching Yong, a starting member of LoveCyclingSG

"What? your boss's BBQ?"

Signature cup cake made by Kimi - delicious!

JinFeng: "I told Taiwoon it's my boss's BBQ."

"Hold! What's going on.."

Audrey and daughter

Right, I see, this is the restaurant! Haha!

Clarence: "What are you doing Zack?"

Mary & sister

David: "Let's eat!"

Amy and Adrian

David, Andy and Brandon

Steven and Tai Woon

Kimi telling the story of the classified stealth operation.

The happily "cheated" dude.

Amelia and Boo

Lucky draw time!

George even brought his 3 dogs!

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  1. Barry Heng

    Hi, I saw your link today on Straits Times. Found these pictures while browsing the website. We stayed at Block 157C.
    How to join you all for fun cycling trips?

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