128km slow and easy round Singapore

Can LovecyclingSG do a round island ride in Singapore within one day? When Taiwoon posted this suggestion in the forum I thought he was just joking. But we all know that he has his special way to trick people “out of their comfort zone”. After weeks of discussion, planning of the route and oldies come forward to help recee different parts of the routes and most of all, many offer to be the leaders and sweepers.
To quote from Taiwoon

We move as a group. The lead rider will moderate the pace.. it is all about completing together, eating together and suffering together!

Here is the overview of the route:

128km round Singapore route (thanks to Matt, Darren and Taiwoon)

We will split into 4 groups:

Speedy Gonzales group (9 riders)
KC(Lead rider)
GL (Sweep)

Ok Ok fast speed group (15 riders)
Clarence(Lead Rider)

Mary has little lambs group (16 riders)
Zack (Lead Rider)
Mary (Sweep)

Slowest turtle Group (19 riders)
George lin (Lead Rider)
Taiwoon (Final Sweep)

All leaders and sweepers will carry the latest version of “Flying color safety flag” for identification and also for visibility and safety in the traffic.

More about the project Flying Color – visibility flag for safe cycling