Japan Gambare! Dempsey Rd- Queens Town + Service Demo @ LifeCycle.

2011-04-03 Sunday Singapore
Yet another awesome ride. We have 46 riders including many new comers and most wonderful our riding Queen, Boo, came back after a long long holiday break.
Stanley was the master sweeper accompanied by Brandon. Our regular marshals Clarence, David, Vince and Steve does an excellent job to make sure the ride was safe for all.
Matt, K.C. and I are the roaming photographers. We try to capture and share the wonderful ride. People can also contact commercial photographer to get their dream project done.

Video compiled by Matt.

In the fresh morning lights in Dampsey Hill we gather around the “GAMBARE,JAPAN !” poster made by David to show our solidarity with the people in Japan. (Click on the group photo to view the large pics) , We continue to do so in the mid and end of the ride at Livecycle shop.

Japan, you can do it!

“Japan, you can do it!” @ Dempsey Hill

Japan, you can do it!

“Japan, you can do it!” @ Queens Town

Japan, you can do it!

“Japan, you can do it!” @ LifeCycle

more at Taiwoon’s blog.

Let’s close up to some of our cycling stars:

I will post some more later.

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5 thoughts on “Japan Gambare! Dempsey Rd- Queens Town + Service Demo @ LifeCycle.

  1. Toshi Maeda

    It’s wonderful !!
    I can’t tell you how grateful I am.
    Cherry blossoms had opened in Tokyo now. However, in north areas, like Fukushima’s cherry trees may start to bloom a little later.
    For cherry trees to bloom, they need to experience low temperatures during the winter.We do our best and I’ll be always counting on you. GAMBARE, JAPAN !

    I thank each and every one of you on behalf of all of us here in Japan.

    Toshi Maeda@Ride_Aoyama_Tokyo

  2. Francis Post author

    Thanks for your comment Toshi San.
    I wish the Cherry blossoms will bring good luck to all the people in Japan.

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