Kranji Bollywood Veggie farm ride


We ride to Bollywood Veggie farm last year and got an VIP treatment from the owner IVY. Many members requested to do this ride again and hey here we are. This is the second time Lovecycling visit the Bollywood veggie farm. The route was familiar but more busy than we expected. There were many cars and trucks for a fine Sunday morning. Thanks to my buddy Tai Woon leading the pack while keeping the pace comfortable for 7 year old ‘Bay Junior”. All newly joint were very impressed by the wonderful support from Clarence, David, Andrew and Andy. I must mention the additional help from Seh Suan, Kwang Liak and Brandon make the ride safe and enjoyable while we proceeded smoothly. It was quite a sight when 30+ cyclists including whole families from 4 years old riding along the road. For Lovecycling, that’s exactly how cycling should be – anyone can enjoy riding as long as you know how to cycle.

It is really difficult to pick only a few from the many photos I took. Here are the lot!

Video from GL

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