2011-02-20Pulau Ubin

Twenty five Lovecycling gather at Changi Village Hawker center at 7:30am. Aldric and I were a little late (sorry guys). After taking a group photo at Changi Village Terminal, by 8am we were on the bumboat to Pulau Ubin.
The Ubin island is situated just off the northeastern corner of Singapore. In the early days, it was used for granite mining. Today it is preserved for it’s natural environment.
My last cycling in Pulau Ubin was a few years ago and the island have changed quite a bit, in a positive sense. I was pleasantly surprised that the ride was a lot smoother on the well maintained roads. Some how the island seems to have grown prettier.
Thanks to KC as our guide we had covered most of the road surface, The jetty is at the south of the island and we first explore the East including the Coastal Boardwalk. Due to high tide there was not much creatures to be seen but we were blessed with the perfect weather for cycling and photo taking. Thick layers of clouds act as a perfect light diffuser. Most of the photos I took turn out nicely.
The star rider must be the 9 years old girl Celeste, she managed to complete with everyone else and even managed to shake off a dog bite towards the end of the journey. The owner kept apologizing and said that this was the first time the dog behave like that. Little Celeste was obviously frightened but the brave girl broke off a big smile when David said she can get an MC due to the incident. Zack carry her back for the reminding ride. Well done Zack and David!