bottle tree to Zoo ride

Another cool ride with new friends.  Jimm, Brandon riding their fixies and Chris in his super duper Timetrialish bike  took on the hills and led the way.   From bottle tree we rode towards zoo, stopping at the water line to look at the monkeys. Also did a detour to visit the nice upper seletar.  Some of the folks havent seen it and from their looks, they like it.  To top it all, we had Yishun very own, Ampang niang toufoo. The best in SG and many many thanks for Mr Teo treat!  So here are the pictures of the ride!

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About Tai-Woon

I am a product designer who happens to like bicycles. Not the ones going very fast...but enjoying the company of friends who love bikes and visiting less known places in Singapore and our old neighbour hood...oh.. also sometimes go ride offroad too.. Eat to live, live to ride!

5 thoughts on “bottle tree to Zoo ride

  1. zhapchit

    Nice photos and write up, enjoy it!

    by the way, do you know of any other PCNs that are not yet listed on NParks web site?

  2. Tai-Woon Post author

    thanks for ur kind comments!
    Martin and Zhachip, u are in luck, the next ride will be up north. Kranji to be exact! Stay tuned for the notice.
    best regards

  3. Angela

    Hi , may I know the route you took from
    Bottle tree to zoo? Is it advisable to ride with a child sitting on child seat attached?

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