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Lovecycling in Wo Bao (My Paper)!

Proudly on the front page are Chun Yeo followed by Sam, Audrey, Boo, Ribena, Kimi, K.C. and a mini-Clarence! -- click to see full size

“We didn’t know our love for cycling can go this far!!! Now we are on the press! AMAZING!” Said Esther in the LovecylcingSG Facebook group (LovecyclingSG). Thanks to her and her friend now we can read the Wo Bao article about Lovecycling in it’s full glory!

The Wo Bao article talks about how cycling is becoming a bigger trend and movement in Singapore. LovecyclingSG was cited as an example. Started with just a few of us casually meeting to ride every Sunday morning. The love of cycling spread like fire! Bicycling is now generally accepted as a green, fun and healthy activity. “It not about the bike, or the brand.” said Taiwoon, “It is about the sharing of things in Singapore we all treasure as a group- to explore our neighborhood on a bicycle, photo-shooting and enjoy good food!”

Matt and Diane were featured as the bike-2-work worrier. Matt cycle from Alexandra Rd to Jalan Besar. Matt’s reason? “Cycling save money, eco friendly and help me to keep fit!”
Diane’s B2W route is from Taman Jurong to Jurong East, 20 minutes of cycling mainly make use of PCN, relax and fun. “I can stop anywhere if there is something interesting, just like being a kid again!” Our friend Simon of LifeCycle is also prominently featured in the article. Simon’s idea of “cycling as a lifestyle” is really catching on at the moment!

What the article have not mentioned is the substantiated amount of wonderful, self-initiated contribution from our regular members like Andy, Matt, Clarence, Zack, David, Boo, Mr. Teo, Steven, Eddie, Andrewx2, K.C. Joeel, Esther…too many to remember! Today our Facebook group has hit 259 and the forum has 347 registered members! If you love cycling and is not our member yet, please join us!

To join Lovecycling Rides: http://lovecyclingsg.niceboard.com/
To tune into Lovecycling gossip: http://www.facebook.com/groups/112055678851789?ap=1

Matt, Diane and Simon were featured here! -- click to see full size