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Pungol PCN to Changi Village – 10th April 2011

Pungol is now so different from just a few months ago! That’s the impression I’ve got after this morning’s ride. Kodu to PUB, very impressive water treatment sites which not only help to process the waste water but at the same time become a scenic feature for the public to enjoy.

We rode relatively fast and the weather was refreshing. When we reach Changi Village it is only 9:30am- plenty of time for a substantial breakfast!

Here is the group photo (click on it to view the large version) and my ‘TOP TEN’ selection.

Lovecycling @ Pungol

Lovecycling @ Pungol (click on image to view large version)

Kenneth leading the way

Kenneth leading the way

Let's invade Pungol!

Scenic water front at Pungol

Pungol wood bridge

Surly Stanley

Are we in Pungol?

Safety first

Russia Ruslan

The breakfast, finished

The foldie magic - MRT cheat!