Collection of letters send to the authorities. Representing the common voice of people who use bicycles.

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2 thoughts on “Letters

  1. Frank Teong

    I used to cycle on the road, but after I met with hostile motorist, I choose not to endanger
    myself. but to use sidewalk to reach PCN. Surely it will be good to be able to ride on the road again.

  2. Ron Ng

    Hi Francis,

    Thank you for bringing up the issue on the extended electronic gantry arm at the car park to the authority. Glad to read from The Sunday Times (published 27 Dec 15) that HDB is considering of shortening the gantry arms.

    I have tried not to drive and cycle with a bike trailer to bring my 4yrs old to the kindergarten from Kembangan to Tampines (nearby SAFRA). One of the obstacles was actually dismounting the bike and going below the extended car park gantry arm (kind of like Limbo dancing) at Bedok Reservoir Park.

    Despite some of these challenges, it has been a pleasure cycling with the kid in the bike trailer.

    Love cycling,

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