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BusBike Lane – (Thanks Mr. Low Cheaw Hwei for the improvement suggestion)

This is a low cost and effective idea suggested by a cyclist during a Facebook conversation. Let’s call it a BusBike Lane, or BB Lane.
Under current traffic regulation bicycle is allowed on Bus Lane all days. But this is not well known even for some cyclists. When drivers see cyclist riding on the Bus lanes, more often than not, they get upset and complaint that cyclist is violating the law. Such misunderstanding create emotional tension, and some of the drivers may turn aggressive.

Painting a bicycle sign in the Bus lane clarify the regulation. It gives confident for cyclist to use the bus lane. It also signals to the motorists that it is legitimate for the cyclists to use the Bus Lane and therefore there is no need to feel upset about it.

Bus companies provide training. All bus driver are trained to give ways and to drive carefully when there is cyclists around.

When riding on Bus Lane cyclist and bus driver should be considerate to each other. Bus driver may need to slow down if there is not enough room to over take a cyclist. At the same time, the cyclist should try to ride as close to the left as possible to make it easy for the bus to overtake.

At Bus stop, it is better for slow rider to stop and wait behind the bus. Some fast road ride may decided to overtake, but they need to be extra cautious and need to emerge from a good distance behind, as car from behind may not expect cyclist suddenly come out from the bus lane. This problem is not better or worst with the introduction of bicycle sign on bus lane.
Other vehicle allowed on the bus lane are emergency service and police vehicles (on urgent duty call make known by means of some distinctive siren)

LTA link: Bicycle is allowed on Bus lanes

Media update: The New Paper: 2012-08-28

Singapore roads are wide enough for bicycle

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3 thoughts on “BusBike lane

  1. Chia Min Da


    I am currently understaking a degree course in design
    and I am working on ways that I could do to influence more singaporeans in taking cycling as a transport system. I believe that singapore is getting harder to live and the increase in roads for cars are indeed compressing our land space in singapore. i believe the way that we could solve things or make things better is by learning the city planning style from Copenhagen. I know it will be hard because it was a 50 years planning for copenhagen to become a bicycle city but I believe singapore would be able to turn into one if the government do have a plan for it. For example, new york could just turn into a bicycle city within a year due to the government willingness to change the road structure to suit the cyclist more. Perhaps we could paint the whole of bus lane in yellow or another colour such as green used for most bicycle lane in other countries, instead of just a single yellow stripe to increase the awareness of the lane and to make the lane more stand out among the other lane of the roads. I do believe the usage of bus lane for cyclist is a major advantage but it would be even better that this lane is exclusive for cyclist to be used 24/7. Hope I would be able to contact you or stay in touch with you by dropping a message or reply at my email address because I am really keen in working in this area of cycling in Singapore for my FYP. Thank you!

    Min Da

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