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Bicycling to work is significant, especially in Singapore. Many people perceives the roads are not safe but yet there are many others who manage to do it on a daily basis. This shows that with some planning, it is possible to cycle to work safely despite the lack of bicycle friendly infrastructure here. Below are some Bike2Work hero from LoveCyclingSG members.

Dennis (Back2Nature)
Noel Tan
Steven Tan

6 thoughts on “Bike to Work

  1. Nanda

    I love to cycle to work too. it is fun and you won’t feel boring to go to work. I am doing it for the past year and half, no matter rain or shine. It keep me active and fit when I have no time to do exercises. My life style totally changed after that.

    It also make sense to do so other than running or cycling at the gym or cycling and running at night around the blocks for exercises.

    peace 😀

  2. Francis

    Thanks for sharing your comment. It is paradoxical that while many fear the roads are too dangerous to cycle but on the other hands people like you is able to cycle to work on a daily bases.

    This shows the perceived risk is much higher than the actual risk. We need more bike to work examples too show that, with some planning and training, bike to work is practical, and fun too!

  3. David

    I cycle 12 miles to work in London but am moving to Singapore in August. It will be interesting to compare the roads and the safety of the two cities!

    1. Leeanne

      I used to cycle to work but have been scared off by an incident where a taxi came so close that the side mirror knocked my handle bar. Thankfully unhurt but seriously shaken & feel stressed by heavy traffic in the CBD.
      I would like to pick up cycling to work again.
      Please share pointers on best routes to
      & from Ghim Moh to OUE Bayfront. PCN? Quieter roads?

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