We enjoy cycling in Singapore and strongly believe bicycle should play an important role in urban mobility if we are moving towards a better future. Better in terms of public health, community, environment, and efficient connectivity. While riding on our beautiful garden city we discovered many opportunities to make Singapore a better place for cycling. Here are a few projects with the aim of making cycling safer and more attractive choice for many people.

Letter to Minister of Transport
Rather than pointing finger on motorists and Traffic Police, we believe there are fundamental issues in our system that are the root cause of negligent behavior. We wrote a letter to the Minster of Transport to appeal for investigation into 1) how the law can be improved to be more effective as a deterrence for dangerous driving behavior. 2) How road design can be improved to avoid repeating similar fatal accident from happening.
Credit: Taiwoon Woon, Francis Chu

Lane width

Singapore is still a long way from seeing Dutch style bicycle lanes along the road infrastructure. The main reasons for NOT building special lane for cyclist is space constrain- there is simply no room for a dedicated lane within the current road surface. But is it true?
Credit: Yang Tah Ching, Ahsun, Francis Chu

Stressful roads in Singapore for cycling
If you want to cycle safely on Singapore road, the first and most important controllable factor is to find a safe route with few or no cars. On the other hand, it is important to know which are the dangerous roads that you should avoid.

View Singapore’s Hazardous Cycling Areas in a larger map
Credit: Diane Flaviano

Cycling Tag to increase visibility and safety
The Cyclist tag is to improve the safety of cyclists by improving their visibility for the drivers.

Credit: Francis Chu

A better drainage cover for a safer road for cyclist

Credit: Francis Chu

Key concept to ride safely in Singapore
Singapore roads do not currently have separated lanes for cyclists, as many other countries do. In any collision between a cyclist and a car which is traveling at more than 30km/hr, the cyclist is likely to be killed or seriously injured. Never assume you are safe because wearing a helmet. Bicycle helmet is designed to protect (the top of) your head for impact at 20km/h if you are falling off from the bicycle. There are 120 over road fatalities every year, 10-15 of which are cyclists. I share some of the tips to ride safely in Singapore here.
Credit: Francis Chu

ISUDA bike share
If riding a bike all the way from home to work is too far and have to go through dangerous roads, than Bike Share may be a much safer and practical option. You can always find a safe route to the nearest MRT station. In addition, using a share bike means you don’t have to worry about the security nor maintenance, because the share bike will be maintained by the operator. We are currently working with JTC to pilot test this concept at one-north area.

Credit: ISUDA pte. Ltd.

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    Hi my name is boon siew from A*star Robotics program. Recently I have a projects on Personal mobility vehicles and one of our R&D is in E-Bikes… I have read from sunday times that you will be looking onto developing bike sharing system. I was wondering if we can meet up for a discussion to see if there are any chance for collaborations? Thanks

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