We are buddies, all enjoy cycling in Singapore.

Taiwoon, not “Taiwan”
Taiching, who is “Touching” everything
Chuwa aka Francis, the Super-Slim one
Peikang, the invisible (never join the Sunday ride, but cycle everyday)
Rodney, rock!

A couple of moths ago we decided to meet every Sunday morning to ride together to somewhere “we never been before”. Playing tourist in our own backyard.

I-Love-Cycling-SG is an idea we have been toying around since last week. Since we pick up cycling in Singapore, we start to see that there are many cyclists from all walks of life. “Cyclist” is no longer a generic term. If you are riding a bicycle in Singapore, no matter for what purpose, we want to profile you here. You can help to give meaning to the generic term “cyclist”. Feel free to browse around, click on the “I love cycling in Singapore” to submit your profile. We will feature you here.

We have no idea where it will bring – I suppose that’s part of the fun !

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  1. becky goh

    Dear Taiwoon and cycling friends,
    Its nice to know that there is such a group in Spore, cycling is fun and is the most healthy thing to do, more fun than running on the treadmill. I like cycling and I would like to know if your group have tried cycling into Malaysia or is that too far for a day or a weekend trip from Spore, or is the traffic horrendous or is there possibility of taking side roads that are less congested from Spore into near by Malaysia?
    Thank you,

  2. taiwoon

    Hi Becky,
    Nice to hear from u and that u like what we do. For now, we will be focusing on Sunny SG and exploring the path less explored. It is amazing what u can see on a bicycle, even in a familar place like ur neighbourhood. For Malaysia.. maybe next year…
    Myself, I just did a ride with friends on Bintan.. it was lovely.. see my personal blog for more… http://smallwheelsbigsmile.blogspot.com/2010/10/bintan-ride-my-first-bicycle-touring.html
    Welcome u to join our ride.. it is fun and relaxing! do send me an email at twwoon@singnet.com.sg so I can link u up with the rest of the riders.. Till then, ride safe and ride more! 🙂

    1. Francis

      Thank you Irene, I am still not sure where this will bring us. Most important is that we are enjoying it, and make lots of new friends along the way 🙂

  3. Rachel

    I would like to go cycling on Sundays and was wondering if I could join the Sunday cycling group please? I can’t see a timetable on the live cycling website but hope that this is something that happens on a weekly basis.
    Hope to hear from you soon.

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  5. john b

    Are there any racers or serious group rides in sgp? I travel here for work and I miss riding and training terribly. Are there any stretches of road without stop lights where one could get 20 minutes or so without stopping at a 40kph pace?

  6. Steven Wong


    I am from Singapore Press Holdings, we are planning to do a n event regarding Bicycle community in Singapore.

    We hope to talk to you on this.

    Please email me so that we can discuss more.


  7. Bryan


    This is Bryan 😉 creator of Bikeshops go where on the App Store.


    I read your blog and very much inspired by what you do for the local cycling scene. I’m a cyclist too thou not as hardcore as you all. I especially love your post on the Macpherson incident, it really calls to our attention about the danger of cycling in Singapore. I lived around the area.

    I’m writing here to see how my side project “bikeshops go where” can be beneficial to local cyclists too and how if there is anything we could do together 🙂

    Love to hear from you


  8. Naziha

    Hi, I have some questions I need to inquire for future reference if you don’t mind.

    1. Do you always use the same route during your local rides events?
    2. How long does the bike ride usually end?

    If you don’t mind, please reply by emailing me to the given email address.

    Hope to hear from you very soon as this is quite urgent.


  9. Irene Ong

    My husband and I would like to cycle with a group on weekdays or weekends preferably with starting point in East Coast area. Both of us are retirees.
    You may contact me on my mobile 96185520.
    Thank you.

  10. Terence Siew

    Hi there,

    I am currently a PhD student studying in NUS and I like to ride as well. I used to ride in Malaysia but have not been quite active in it since I came to Singapore in 2006 due to the inconveniences of owning a bicycle at that time (foldies weren’t popular until now) but I do try to ride as much as possible (I was in Penang Malaysia CFAL. :p ). Only managed to splurge on one recently, an the eagerness of riding is finally slowly coming back.

    Anyway, can anybody here provide a list of possible bicycle shops here where I can turn in case I need to get some parts/servicing? Good to know (and I am currently looking for pedals to replace the stock pedals on my MTB)

    In addition, would love to join one of your rides someday if time permits. (my current stomping ground is around NUS. Mostly at night. Hilly but a very good training ground in my opinion, but can get a bit boring as I slowly exhaust all the nooks and crannies)

    Hope to hear from anybody on this blog. and let’s try to keep this blog alive.

  11. Yap Yingtong


    My name is Yap Yingtong and I wish I’d have found out about this blog sooner! I’m really impressed with your efforts but I’m surprised that there seems to be so little awareness on the subject of cycling in Singapore. This started out as a school project, but I’ve come to realise that I really do hope to promote cycling as a mean of transport in Singapore, and hopefully, eventually let Singapore turn into a cycling nation. I’d really like to know the progress that you guys have been making, and I’d really love to help out as well, although I’m not sure how.

    It’d be great to hear from anyone of you from this blog, through my email or just here.

    Thank you so much as I hope promoting cycling in Singapore will be a success!

    Yap Yingtong

  12. Jossie Yu

    Hi, i am working in a travel agency and i have a group 17pax from Indonesia would like to do a cycling tour from Punggol Promenade to Garden by the Bay. Required 2 stop with drinks. Would like to check with you guys whether can assist for this special arrangement.
    I am contactable via 97351703

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