Active Mobility Advisory Panel announced Rules and Code of Conduct

New rules and code of conduct for bicycle and PMD uses

New rules and code of conduct for bicycle and PMD uses

Mar 17th, 2016, Singapore: The Active Mobility Advisory Panel submitted its proposed rules and code of conduct for the safe use of footpaths, cycling paths and shared paths to the Transport Ministry. This is seen as a significant step towards the Car-Lite vision of the Singapore government.

Currently there are 300 km of “cycle-able” PCN and cycling paths in Singapore. This is great for recreation but not sufficient for daily trips to work, to school or to the markets. Cyclists, especially the slower riders, are faced with two difficult choices: to risk their life by cycling on roads mixing with fast moving cars, or ride on the foot paths illegally. The proposal from the 14-members panel legalise cycling on pavement, effectively unlocking the potential of 3300 km of foot paths along all the roads. However, for this to work, safety of pedestrian must be addressed. The sets of rules and code of conduct is targeted to ensure safety for all.

The key rules are:

  • Speed limits of 15km/h (running or leisurely cycling speed) on footpaths, and 25km/h (normal cycling speed) on shared paths and cycling paths
  • Devices must be equipped with lights visible from the front and back, which must be switched on during hours of darkness
  • Cycling maximum two abreast is allowed on all roads with at least two lanes in that direction, except those with bus lanes during the bus lane operational hours
  • No cycling against the flow of traffic on roads

The key guidelines in the code of conduct are:

  • Always give way to pedestrians on footpaths and shared paths. Remember also that pedestrians have the right of way on pedestrian crossings
  • Slow down and be prepared to stop when approaching high pedestrian-traffic areas such as bus-stops
  • Either ‘walk your bicycle’ or dismount and push at high pedestrian-traffic areas
  • Stop and look out for on-coming traffic when approaching pedestrian crossings, and cross only at walking speed
  • Always stop to render assistance and exchange particulars when involved in an accident

There are also key criteria for Personal Mobility Devices as following:

Max. Weight = 20kg, Max width = 700mm, Max. speed=25 km/h

In addition, the guideline also specified which device are allowed in what type of paths:

Foot paths: Bicycle and PMDs

Share path/ PCN: Bicycle, PMDs, eBike

On road: Bicycle, eBike

Active Mobility Advisory Panel

Active Mobility Advisory Panel

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Full report of recommendation 




4 thoughts on “Active Mobility Advisory Panel announced Rules and Code of Conduct

  1. Robert Ng

    I would like to propose the following common-sensible rules of thumb regarding shared road/ footpath usage:

    1) FAST must give way to slow
    2) BIG must give way to small
    3) SMART must give way to not-so-smart
    4) STRONG must give way to weak

    Remember: “For a Better & Safer Society “! 🙂

  2. Chew

    Just came back from Netherlands and truly understand what traveling by bicycle means.
    Cycling in the Netherlands is a way of life.

    Compared to the expensive bicycles and the full head gear we see in Singapore, they are just using normal (big) bicycles and everyone just ride without helmets. Have a feeling that cyclist in Singapore rides more like the States – cumbersome and over-hyped.

    Send the Active Mobility Advisory Panel to Netherlands and understand how things work there, no need to reinvent the wheel.

  3. Francis Post author

    Thanks Chew, I used to live in the Netherlands and agree with your observation. Learn from the best to get our infrastructure updated first, then we can think of ways to improve further. Cycling should be as normal as walking, it should not be a big deal for everyday mobility needs.

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