This makes me proud of LCSG!

Today I feel so proud of LCSG, thank to the post from one of our young chap Galleon. He said:

Don’t you just Hate it when Irresposible Parents let their Toddler Run around Cycling Tracks at a Park and you get Blamed instead and not them when you have an Accident with the Toddlers? -.-

I was expecting a heated debate about “Cyclist should have the right of way on cycling track” against “Cyclist should not harm the toddler“.  If STOMP is any indication of the sentiment of the public, it is normal to hear endless complaints about “errant cyclist”, “lousy drivers” and “dangerous jaywalker”. Our roads sounds like a war zone! There seems to be a never ending contention between cyclist and pedestrian, as well as between driver and cyclist.

To my surprise, the following “conversation” sounds more like the same person saying the same thing but in different way. Everybody agreed that as cyclist we should give way to pedestrians, even on bicycle lane, because the more powerful vehicle user has the power to make the situation dangerous, or safe.  For the sake of safety, the heavier, faster vehicle operator should give way to the more vulnerable users. Isn’t this great? A universal principle that can be follow easily by all users to ensure the safety of all, on any road, bike path or pavement?

It make me feel LCSG is a very special group of people and I feel very proud to belong to this special group.

———————-member’s responses start ————————-

Ivan, just be careful when cycling in parks cos its a common space.
The other day while riding at the NERL park, heard a kid exclaimed loudly: “Wow!! Mummy!! there are sand here!!” when he saw a sand pit…. Lol
Omg, was thinking inside me, what have we done to our kids?! They are surprised and excited just with seeing sand or sand pits? Did we rob them of their childhood or what?
So, patience lah …. and give the toddlers a chance in the park (even if you find it irresponsible for parents to let kids running around loose). Just my thots and opinions as a parent.

George PCN is co-share by all user. Recommend speed is 15km/h. Both party have responsibility to make it safe. Somrtime is more stressful to ride on PCN that the road. Take it easy

Al  Slow down immediately when you see toddlers. You will be rewarded, because they are really cute.

Adriane As the bigger vehicle, be tolerant and give way. Be alert and avoid accidents. Yes parents are irresponsible,but we exercise grace and be forgiving. Same theory applies when we are cycling on road and we hope cars give way to us. 🙂

WL If children can’t run free in parks, where else do they go? Keep below 15kmh in parks and always keep an eye out for toddlers and kids. You are the heavier, bigger, faster user. It is your responsibility to go slow enough to avoid hitting vulnerable park users.

Alex  Similar to driving through a school zone or residential area. Be aware of your environment which will change along the way and adapt your driving or cycling to suit the conditions. Always try and look “one bound” ahead. Ride safe !

Richard I agree with Adriane Lee
The food chain kinda filters down, lorries => cars => motorbikes => bicycles => pedestrians
This is regardless of whether they are in the correct lane or not. As the one that can inflict hurt on the next one down the food chain, you should keep a more careful lookout.

Tony if you don’t have the patience and share the park with parents and their toddler, how could driver have patience to share the road with us?

Chua Like Toddler, can i also add dogs to the list of things to look out for? Of course you can still rank chio bu at top of your list. Thank you.

Chee  Live & let live. If necessary, just dismount & push bike

Eugene  Don’t you just Hate it when Irresponsible Cyclists go fast on their bikes around Parks that are shared with padestrians and SHOULD be slowing down ESPECIALLY if they see TODDLERS so that they will not get into an Accident and get Blamed?