One thought on “Is it time to plan some bicycle lane in Singapore?

  1. Yeo Kian Hwee

    I love this idea of complete street, it seems to considered all the party and not just focus on car/truck/bus, which is the case here in Singapore.Definitely it will be nice if Singapore government can implement this idea of complete street.

    I have been cycling to work for the past 10 months, encountered various good and bad experience on the road with heavier vehicle like car, taxi, truck, bus. Basically the traffic planning and infrastructure in Singapore doesn’t encourage cycling as a means of transportation. Common complains I heard from people that would like to cycling to work but didn’t are traffic condition, shower facility, weather(I don’t see much of the problem if there is a shower facility in place at office.)

    However, building of more bike lane in Singapore by the government recent policy will definitely increase the number of people take up cycling as hobby, and I believe it will helps people to move around their neighborhood faster and cheaper.

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