Sunday ride 17th Oct – Kranji, here we come!

Ok folks, this coming sunday we will explore the Ulu side of Kranji! Meet at Kranji MRT at 0730. Place of interest are Kranji war memorial, Railway tracks, Kranji Dam where u can see JB, nice BBC radio tower, Bollywood veggies, maybe Hay dairies if our legs can cope… oh of course there will be lots of greenery and maybe mossies too!  I would strongly suggest u bring more water as I have no clue where I can find water points along the way:)No lah.. there will be food/drinks stop… at Bollywood. 🙂 Again, no discrimination to wheel size, gear and brands.. all are welcome. All I ask is that u come with an open mind, ride as a group and plenty of smiles…. It should all end by 11ish… if i don’t get lost 🙂

Interested to join us for a ride?  Come on, I know u want to … it is easy and it is fun!

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About Tai-Woon

I am a product designer who happens to like bicycles. Not the ones going very fast...but enjoying the company of friends who love bikes and visiting less known places in Singapore and our old neighbour hood...oh.. also sometimes go ride offroad too.. Eat to live, live to ride!

2 thoughts on “Sunday ride 17th Oct – Kranji, here we come!

  1. Alan Low

    Hi Tai Woon,
    I am working as a Salesman, like to ride bike (slow moving)
    & also interested in the scenery around Singapore.
    Kindly e-mail me your future cycling schedules to me.
    So I can join your group.

    Alan Low

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